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Hello my fellow readers,

Although this is a wind-surfing based website, every once in a while we like to give our readers tips and advice on non-surfing things. Why?

Well, life is about achieving great wealth. What is wealth? Wealth is having the accumulation of family, peace, money, and health.

We definitely discuss in details everything about health. But what about money? That is why in this article we will talk about an investment type that is hot and that you need to jump on.

What investment is that? It is retirement gold!

We can get into the details about why gold. But the facts are the facts and the answer as to why is obvious.

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What do you, family members, and friends like to buy and wear? Gold.

Some prefer silver because it is a less expensive precious metal, but if you had the option to choose between silver and white gold, which would you choose?

Look at most of the music videos and fashion magazine of today. What is the most advertised precious metal? Gold.

Watch the infomercials of today and what do you constantly see commercials about? Gold coins!

And this is why you need to invest in Gold. Remember, when we talk about retirement accounts, it is usually for the long term. It is money that you don’t plan on using right this moment and with time it is expected to increase in value.

Here’s a big tip. Gold is an asset! It is an asset that has increased significantly in value of the last 5 years. From 2008 to today, the value of gold has gone from about $800 an ounce to over $1300 an ounce. It is expected to increase 10 fold over the next few years.

So if you have the opportunity to invest in gold, do so now!

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Do you need to create your own website?

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Most business nowadays are jumping on the bandwagon to creating a website. This is not a surprise as most people nowadays rely on search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find services and products.

But is creating a website for your business really necessary?


When created right, a website can increase your business sales significantly. Imagine you are a restaurant in Miami owner and somebody puts into their computer or phone, “restaurants in miami”, would they find your restaurant at the top of the search?

This is what most businesses don’t take into consideration. The fact that building a website is not just to put what your restaurant is about. It’s to bring customers to your establishment.

A website can definitely increase your ability to do so but it’s not as simple as just creating a website. Many businesses go to free website builders such as wix but little do they know that when t comes to search engine traffic it is basically pointless.

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Google requires certain guidelines and ranking a website on the first page of Google actually requires some skill.

The restaurant owner may want to consult with a miami seo firm to help them with this part of the equation.

Now, on the other hand, if you’re someone looking to start their own business online, you may not even have to build your own website. There are alternate ways to sell a product, have lead capture pages done for you, and have a legitimate source of traffic provided for you.

That is all you really need if you want to start a business online. Although you may read about money making opportunities online that are free most of them are designed to make entrepreneurs fail, because like the example above, you are still responsible for bringing customers and making them buy from you.

This requires research, studying, and a lot of marketing abilities. Like I said, you will find many business opportunities that tell you that you can make money online without investment, but in the long run, you end up spending a lot of money trying to get that business going.

If you are looking for low investment high profit business ideas make sure you visit business ideas reviews 2014 for the ultimate opportunity.

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