Windsurfing Gear That Every Beginner Must Have

When you are keen on learning windsurfing, you may need to enroll in one of its training schools. Such training centers will have almost everything required to learn this adventurous water sport. When you’re learning windsurfing, you may not need any gear or equipment. 

Once you begin to start taking this water sport seriously, you’d want to have your own gear. However, being a beginner, you might find it difficult to determine the things that are really needed. Given below are all the essential gear you must have before you begin playing with the waves:

1. A windsurfing board

Earlier, the beginners practiced with heavier boards that gave them lesser freedom of movement, but were good for balance. Today, the beginners can use boards that are almost the same size but are lighter and allow easy movement. If you are a novice, such boards will build some confidence in you while providing a wonderful windsurfing experience.

Later, you can go for the smaller boards. You can also choose to have a retractable daggerboard. Such boards have a fin that’s fixed at the center and can be removed using a screwdriver. Retractable boards offer greater convenience during inland sailing.

2. Mast base

It is the base for connecting the sail and mast to the windsurfing board. The mast base is like a flexible joint, which keeps the sail fixed to the board. At the same time, it also allows plenty of movements for angling the sail in appropriate directions. It is usually positioned under 150 centimeters from the tail.

3. Mast

Together with the mast base and sail, this is an integral part of your windsurfing equipment’s rig section. The mast is the central pole that holds the sail. Most of the masts of today are made using carbon and are easier to handle while on water. Owing to their lighter weight, they are easier to carry as well.

4. Sail

It is quite obvious that the sail is an essential part of the windsurfing equipment. Imagine if you’re left on the board without a sail! You’ll get nowhere. The sails are created with a clear monofilm. They are measured in square meters and are lighter. 

Sails for beginners fall within a bracket of 2.5 to 4.5 square meters. As you get better at achieving faster speeds, they are increased in size between 5 and 8 square meters. Smaller sails of 4 to 6 square meters are used by many windsurfers during stronger winds.

5. Boom

It is essentially a hand rail with an oval shape attached to the ends of the mast. It keeps the sail tight. Riders can direct the sail and steer by holding the boom. It is ideally set at shoulder to chin height when you stand on the board. Different types of booms are used for sails and masts of varying sizes. An affordable basic model of boom is recommended for the windsurfing gear of beginners.

6. Buoyancy aid

There are always certain risks associated with water sports. It is, therefore, essential to have some sort of buoyancy aid to mitigate such risks. The most popular example of buoyancy aid is a life-jacket.

7. Wetsuit

Wetsuits may not be necessary if you are windsurfing just for fun while vacationing in destinations like the Caribbean. However, if you’re heading out into the waters of a colder destination, a wetsuit can offer strong protection. You can choose a wetsuit according to your preferences and the climate of the destination you are in.

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