Planning Your Tour of Sweden

What was once a land of the Vikings is now a modern and prosperous nation. Sweden never fails to delight you with its magnificent Romanesque churches and other historic structures. During your visit to this beautiful country, you’ll get some interesting insights into the lives of its locals. 

They seem to lead a peaceful life, occasionally gathering around a traditional coffee called ‘fika’ with their loved ones. The Swedish people also love to dine on meatballs, potatoes, and herring. You’ll also get to explore some enchanting forests and trails during your time spent in this country. There are certain things you must consider while planning your trip to this fascinating nation:

Best time to visit Sweden

There are four distinct seasons in this part of the world. Some are characterized by ice-cold temperatures and some by a balmy climate. The best time to visit Sweden would depend on what you want from your tour. Everything depends on whether you’re looking forward to spending pleasant summer nights or snowy evenings. 

One of the unique experiences you’ll get to witness in the country is the midnight sun. For this phenomenon, the ideal time to visit would be the peak of summer in June and July. If you wish to enjoy the snow, plan your tour between late November and March. If you’re looking for sunshine and a warm weather, the best time would be between May and September.

Finding cheaper accommodation in the Swedish capital

The rates charged by the hostels and hotels in Stockholm might be a concern, but there’s a way out. Even though the city is expensive, you can still manage to find a cheaper and comfortable accommodation. 

If you just want to spend a couple of nights, you can consider the city’s budget hotels. Almost all of them are clean and cosy. The only compromise you’ll have to make would be on coffee machines and widescreen televisions. 

You can save even more if you’re willing to share a single bathroom with other guests. Another way to save more is to find better deals in places away from the main tourist area. You can try looking for budget hotels or hostels in Sodermalm, Norrmalm, or Kungsholmen.

Renting a car while exploring Sweden

Some of the world’s safest roads are found in Sweden. This makes it a great country to enjoy driving. You’ll surely have a pleasant driving experience as you’d get to enjoy endless views of forests and lakes. Renting a car can be an expensive affair in this European country, but you don’t need to worry. 

There’s a way to bring down your cost of renting a car. Instead of hiring cars from international companies like Avis, you can go for the local car rentals. There are service providers that would give you used cars on hire. You’ll just have to confirm the rates they charge.

Options in entertainment

You can plan your visit to some popular places of entertainment in this country for having loads of fun. Among them are live music venues that have become extremely popular in recent times. Some of the best live music venues are Debaser Medis located in central Sodermalm and Fasching near Stockholm’s Central Station. 

They’ve hosted some of the famous local and international talents over the years. Another great entertainment option to consider is casinos. Sweden is home to a few elegant casinos owned by a state-run establishment called Casino Cosmopol. They host regular poker tournaments and also have classic games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots.

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