Try These 5 Outdoor Activities

Sweden is, without any doubt, a fascinating country with charming places that have remained unspoiled even today. So, when you’re in this part of the world, you can expect some incredible spots for pleasant outdoor activities. 

There are many things to do in Sweden and some of them are extremely popular with tourists. As the country has many national parks, archipelagoes, and mountains, you won’t be able to stay indoors for long. Here are some of the exciting outdoor activities you can try while exploring Sweden:

1. Hiking

You’ll find hundreds of hiking trails in this mesmerizing country. They have been clearly marked for the convenience of hikers. You’ll also come across many huts, hostels, and mountain stations while exploring some of these trails. 

Most of the trails developed as walking routes over a few decades. In recent times, they give hikers the chance to witness some incredible sights of the country. The Swedish people have a natural liking for walking their beautiful countryside during summers. You can join the locals in exploring some pleasing smells, colors, flora, and fauna when you go hiking.

2. Biking

There are well-marked bicycle routes throughout the countryside and in cities. The green color is used for national signs, black for district signs, and blue is used for local signs. You can get maps and some valuable tips from the local tourism centers on places to explore. These centers will also suggest some fascinating attractions to visit when you go biking. 

You can combine your biking tour with camping for a memorable experience outdoors. Sweden has many campsites, where you can rent a cottage or set up your tent. You’ll also find ski resorts in this country that have excellent biking trails.

3. Fishing

This can be a wonderful outdoor activity while touring Sweden. Right in the center of the Swedish capital city, salmons are caught regularly. Water is crystal-clear and is favorable for fishing. Some of the larger lakes in Sweden are particularly good for catching char and salmon. You can choose to visit Tarnaby for an unforgettable mountain fishing experience. 

The nearby Sorsele can be an ideal place to try fly-fishing. This is where you can find chars, trout, and graylings in abundance. In most of the places you’ll need permit for freshwater fishing. You can get the necessary assistance for such permits at any of the local tourist offices.

4. Kayaking

On the east coast of Sweden lies the Saint Anna archipelago, which is made up of many beautiful islands. These are the places where one can find different kinds of birds. Camping is also allowed on the islands. You can go kayaking through the waters of the country’s east coast. 

As you move past the wildlife sanctuaries, you can witness different species of flora and fauna. Such kayaking tours are led by professional guides. You’ll enjoy being a part of their team as they plan out many activities. Camping, preparing meals, and planning the route are included in such tours.

5. Winter Wildlife Tracking

This involves traveling to various hotspots in a van, looking out for the wild animals. You also need to venture out on foot wearing snowshoes or skis. Beaver, deer, mountain hare, wolf, and lynx are the animal species you’ll get to observe. 

You’ll be taken to dense forests by experienced guides to spot these animals. Such tours are usually planned for about four days and include camping and accommodation.  

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